The program was developed by the safety professionals of the World Safety Organization (WSO) National Office for KSA based on the latest international safety standards and the best industry practice.


The WSO KSA OSH Consultants will collaborate with the client’s organization to identify the specific needs through a Pre System Compliance Audit against the OSH Program / Management System checklist developed by WSO KSA. Upon identification of minor and major noncompliance items, WSO KSA will develop a customized OSH Management System based on the nature of the company operation. All required policies, manuals, procedures, instructions and all documents for recording will be generated to supplement the effectiveness of the new OSH Management System. Orientation, induction, and training will be developed as well by WSO KSA to ensure that all employees are well aware and educated to support the implementation of the system. To monitor and measure the effectiveness of the system, WSO KSA will conduct a scheduled and surveillance system audit throughout the company’s head office and project sites.


Organizations that operate and work safely perform much better, communicate well and respond faster to any changing circumstances.


Developing a safe working environment requires an integral approach and shall focus on:


  • Building Reliability: Well-designed facility, compliance, maintained and well inspected shall ensure a safe and reliable work place.
  • Safety Management Systems: Safety policy implementation; system audit and assessment; risk identification, assessment, and management by the employer will guarantee the safe workplace within your organization.
  • Safety Culture: A safety culture is created through leadership, ownership, attitude, behavior, assumptions, perceptions and habits within a company with regard to dealing with safety risks.
  • Safety Education: Providing up to date information and standards to workers through face to face training or coaching will enable them to anticipate the potential hazards and recommend appropriate controls or preventions.