The World Safety Organization (WSO) is a Consultative Status Category II (Non-Governmental Organization-NGO) to Economic and Social Council of the United Nations that provides membership, certification programs, awards and other technical supports to its members. 


    The National Office for Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of "The Academy of Sciences Company", offers a broad selection of professional training that conforms to ANSI Z490.1-2016 and well-recognized certifications for environmental and Occupational Safety and Health professionals worldwide. The prerequisite for obtaining any of the WSO Professional Certifications is a current Affiliate membership with the WSO.


    The WSO Certification Program has been evaluated, audited to, and deemed in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17024 Standard and gained accreditation from ICAC.  Now, the certifications program has become more meaningful and valuable in the workplace. The list of WSO Certified Professionals is listed in "2020 WSO Consultants".


    The  International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC),  is an alliance of organizations dedicated to assuring competency, professional management, and service to the public by encouraging and setting standards for licensing certification, and credentialing programs.

    Disclaimer: The training materials used in every course of WSO National Office for KSA is for education purposes only to inform the reader of occupational safety and health best practices and general compliance requirement and is not a substitute for provisions of the OSH Act of 1970 or any governmental regulatory agency of USA. WSO National Office for KSA (WSO KSA) is a branch of WSO World Management Center, USA, and operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of "The Academy of Sciences for Medical Education, Riyadh. WSO KSA is also not connected or affiliated with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 




    • The WSO publishes WSO News-Letters and WSO Journals.
    • The WSO publishes the “WSO Consultants Directory” as a service to its Certified Members and the professional community. Only WSO Certified Members may be listed.
    • The WSO collects data on the professional skills, expertise, and experience of its members in the WSO Expertise Bank for reference when a request is received for professional expertise, skill, experience.
    • The WSO provides a network program linking various areas of professional expertise needed in today’s international community.
    • The WSO develops training programs essential to national and international safety and establishes centers to support these programs.
    • The WSO Awards program is implemented annually at the WSO International Professional Conferences, Symposiums, or Congresses.
    • The WSO provides recognition for safety publications, films, videos, and other training and media materials.
    • The WSO receives proposals from professional safety groups/societies for review and if applicable, submits them to the United Nations for adoption.
    • The WSO establishes and supports divisions and committees to assist members in maintaining and updating their professional qualifications and expertise.
    • The WSO Chapters are located throughout the U.S.A. and around the world, to provide contact with the local communities, educational and industrial entities.
    • The WSO organizes and provides professional support for international and national groups of experts on all continents who are available to provide expertise and immediate help in times of emergencies.




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